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Parking In Appledore

Parking in Appledore - Charges

Parking in Appledore - Charges

We are often asked about the parking in Appledore so we have compiled the following short section to help you if you are concerned about parking in Appledore.

Most of the streets in Appledore allow free parking and are not restricted to residents permits. This includes the road along the Quay. However if you are unable to park near your holiday location then you can get a parking ticket that lasts multiple days in the main car park at the end of the Quay. Information on car park charges are detailed in the image to the left (please note this was taken October 2011 and charges may be different at the time of your visit).

Parking in Appledore for boats or long vehicles

If you are looking for parking in Appledore for long vehicles or a boat then you will be glad to know that this is allowed in the main carpark but the whole of the vehicle must be within marked bays and each bay that is occupied must have a ticket for the full duration of your stay

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